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Welcome to GATI

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Welcome to the Global Anglican Theological Institute.

I, along with others who are working on this project, are so thankful for your visit. Our aim is to introduce you to Jesus Christ, to his people, and to your place in life. We are doing this by writing a series of lessons and articles that will help you follow the Lord Jesus.

As the director of the Global Anglican Theological Institute, let me introduce myself. I am the Rev. Dr. Robert J. Sanders, and I have been a Christian since December 1969. The greatest blessing of my life has been to know the Lord Jesus as revealed, above all, in Scripture. I have found him to be one who loves to the end, one who has complete authority, one who saves, one who forms a fellowship of love, and one who reveals the true character of God. I have been a pastor of churches, a missionary among very poor peoples in mountain villages, an educator, a student of the Christian faith, and a writer. I believe that God has called me to write articles for your benefit and to oversee this web site.

I am an Anglican, and these essays are written from an Anglican perspective. At the time of the Reformation, Anglicanism took its classic form in England, and at the present time, there are Anglican Churches all over the world. In addition to Anglican Churches, there are other great churches under the banner of Christ, and I have learned from these churches as well. I will also be sharing some of their ways of being a follower of Christ with you. By God’s grace, we can come to as full a measure of Christian Truth as possible.

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Submission Guidelines

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Thank you for your interest in submitting articles for the Global Anglican Theological Institute. The objective of our guidelines is to use the Internet to educate Anglicans and other interested persons in the Christian family about the Christian faith.

We are writing at three levels, beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

First, there are many people who love God, who are eager to hear His Word and see His face. Many have little or no education, but they can understand the fundamental realities of the Christian faith when it is presented to them. We need study materials for these persons, written for local churches or individuals. These materials need to combine great simplicity of style with devotion to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, yet written in a way that does justice to the fullness of the Christian revelation. Materials should include practical action plans and questions for discussion. Pastors and others could use these materials to educate church members. For samples of writing at this level, see the track one section of the web site.

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